Diamond Cup Toronto Judges Kit


Amsterdam Cannabis Cup July 2018 Highlights – Summertime High Times! – Smokers Guide TV Amsterdam

http://smokersguide.com - MORE COMING SOON! The High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup, the 31st cup but the 1st in the summer. The best buds, hash, the Wailers, Afroman - it was all th...

HighTimes Cannabis Cup Amsterda 2018

Cannabis Marijuana Weed Lifestyle Amsterdam HighTimes Travel Uncle Stoner

Great Canadian Canna Cup Awards Show 2018

Lift & Co – Karma Cup – Sarah Sunday


Emerald Cup 2017 Organic Cannabis Awards Highlight Reel – Smokers Guide TV California

The Emerald Cup is one of our fav cannabis events in the world; and we've been to hundreds! :) This year was no exception and a variety of Smokers Guide crew were there to cover al...

Amsterdam Cannabis Cup 2017 High Times 30th Anniversary Celebration (2/2) Smokers Guide TV Amsterdam

http://smokersguide.com - The Cannabis Cup started back in 1988, with a small group of experienced stoners in a hotel room. Now in 2017 High times Celebrates its 30th year of Canna...